Health Care Décor

At Bokland Custom Visuals, we are proud to introduce our newest product line, "Health Care Décor", a true blend of many of the products we have developed over the years, coupled with the use of some of today's best technology as well as well founded scientific facts. For years Bokland has been dedicated to making great photographs and more recently we have added finishing services that allow us to fabricate truly unique, cost effective, finished pieces of art. It was a natural extension to offer these new products as standard décor pieces in homes and offices. It wasn't until we had the opportunity to work with some of our local hospitals and health care networks that we realized where the true power of these capabilities was. On top of all of our internal capability we learned about "Evidence Based Art", and it's power to help people heal, comfort family, as well as make work environments more positive and productive. We also then realized that some of our other resources gave us (our customers) access to literally thousands of images that fit the criteria of this science. Hence a new and extremely exciting product line was born!

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Evidence Based Art

The term "Evidence Based Art" refers to the scientific school of thought that the imagery and environment that you are surrounded by while in a hospital or health care facility plays a large role in the healing process for patients as well as comforting family and making the work environment more productive for employees.

The premise is simple, certain types of "nature based art" lower stress levels and blood pressure. "In essence, this type of art takes the emphasis off of the illness" and places it on the healing process, often speeding up recovery. Progressive health care is now becoming patient focused, all geared toward getting people better faster and helping family cope better with difficult / stressful health related situations.

At Bokland, the majority of our Health Care Décor process is centered around EDAC (Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification) standards. We can work directly with the health care facility, designer or architect to help provide the best possible décor solution for your project.

Image Selection

Because "Evidence Based Art" centers around particular types of images (generally those with nature themes), it is necessary to have access to a tremendous amount of compatible imagery.

In the past, the price of stock images were exorbitant, often costing in the hundreds of dollars each. Because of our unique position in the industry as a photo / large format print house and the development of on-line image repositories that cost very little as compared to old alternatives, we can provide our clients with image options that are sure to yield the perfect prints for your project. We direct you to find the images that are right for the project, keeping costs down and choices abundant!

Visit these great image resources to get started!


I Stock Photo

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Finished Prints

Our finished prints are a fresh, unique and functional take on framed artwork. Previously, when utilizing conventional framing services, much effort went in to the process of choosing mats, frames and images. These variables contributed greatly to complexity of projects in terms of time and material costs. It was often necessary to include interior designers as a matter of course. With our products, that is your choice, and either way your costs are greatly reduced because our focus is on the art, not the hardware!

Each of our Box Mounted pieces is a laminated, archival quality photograph. It is very light, easy to hang, and extremely easy to clean, perfect for health care environments!

The ease of our production process also allows us to keeps costs down, often times making what seem like huge projects very manageable from a cost perspective.

Benefits of Bokland Health Care Décor Services

Lower Cost Products
Streamlined process, perfectly geared to the industry
Helps to eliminate costly, unnecessary middlemen
Easy to hang
All images can be different and entirely your choice
Image banks with tens of thousands of readily available images
Knowledge of Evidence Based Art
Scalable solutions that let you choose the size and scope of the project
Fast turnaround times

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