Unique Signs Fuel POP Business

About a year ago, Bokland Custom Visuals introduced its new Craft Brewing focused arm, named Beer Sign Specialists. When most companies think of POP material the overused screen printed poster or window sign comes to mind. Bokland wanted to go a bit further, offering a very nich centered industry (Craft Brewers) a sign option that allowed them to advertise who they are with products that are more indicative of their market.

Beer Sign Specialists was born of the idea that Craft Brewers are ultra passionate about what they do, very eco-conscious, and fiercely independent, in an industry where 2 companies (not to be mentioned here), own a huge chunk of the market. These companies aren't above stealing ideas, leveraging retail space through distribution channels and simply making the job of being a craft brewer a difficult one. It's nice to say that most of our customers handle this role, usually with tongue in cheek, brewing superior ales, lagers, stouts and almost any other kind of beer you can think of that have character and attitude.

Beer Sign Specialists allows many of these breweries to creat unique signs that leverage the fantastic art and tastes of these beers. By creating beer signs on materials like wood, metal and almost any other flat substrate you can think of, the signage possibilities are endless. Customers even have the ability to include dimensional elements and shapes that allow them to create signs that are without question, better than what the big breweries do.

Here are some examples:


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