Shape Up Your POS Signs!

Now with our CNC Routing capabilities and our Jeti UV Direct To Substrate Printer your Point of Purchase signs do not have to be rectangles anymore. Now you can make your graphics stand out! Regardless of whether you just want to round the corners of you graphics or make a life size cut out, the file set up is easy. Bring you file into Illustrator and create a new layer to draw your cut path on. Use the pen tool with a stroke. The color of the stroke or the width doesn't matter. Your path should contain as few points as possible to define your shape. Use bezier curves whenever possible and watch out for loops in your path. Draw your path so that the image has as small amount of bleed if possible. Bleed on inside corners is a must! Inside corners will have a one quarter inch radius when we are cutting with a router bit. The attached file will explain this concept further.

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