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ICC Workflow: Embedding Profiles

One of the first steps in a color managed workflow is choosing an input or editing color space sometimes also referred to as a work space. Input profiles determine a color range or gamut you can work in and they are device independent.They allow you to edit your images in a controlled and consistent manner. Input profiles are used in image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop

Two of the most commonly used input profiles in digital photography are Adobe RGB 1998 and sRGB IEC61966-2.1. The default in most programs is sRGB. This is the common profile used for preparing images for the internet. It has a smaller color gamut and can simulate color consistently on different monitors. If you are planning on printing your image on a large format printer like a LightJet or high end inkjet, you're better off using a profile with a wider color gamut like Adobe RGB or Colormatch RGB. While not all the colors within these profiles are printable they will give you larger and more pleasant range of colors to work in, and better results.

To set up input profiles in Photoshop CS4 go to:
Menu > Edit > Color Settings


Here's a really important thing to remember -
All your work is for nothing if you don't embed the profile when saving.
The profile you choose to work in needs to stay with file, so when its re-opened
or sent to a printer the colors will display and convert in a consistent manner.


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