New Décor services Create Great Opportunities

Bokland is excited to announce the kick off of our new décor products and services

For a year now Bokland has worked on collecting the right mix of products, all done in-house, to let us call ourselves a true décor service provider to businesses (professional offices, hotels), institutions (colleges, universities, hospitals) as well as retail establishments. The products include framing, wall paper, large prints and now our signature Box Mount product that goes beyond typical framing products. From a printing and finishing perspective, we are as capable as anyone in the Albany, NY - Upstate NY area.

This is where the similarities stop! As a photo lab for over 50 years, we have developed long standing relationships with photographers and artists that lend themselves perfectly to this new Décor model. Most companies that work in this industry might have printing capability or image resources, but rarely both. At Bokland we see an opportunity to offer a "turn-key" solution to these businesses by bringing our long-term customers to the table as image resources combined with our printing capability.

We have already seen success in projects, working with renowned Photographer, Carl Heilman & Designer Leslie Wiggins on several hospitality & office projects. When clients approach either party, we can pool resources to offer the best imagery and finished prints available, often times with particular attention paid to the specific needs of the client (See image below of Sand & Surf Motel, with an adirondack theme & framed images from Westin Grand Hotel in Washington DC.). By pooling resources, we present ourselves as a better, more specific solution to other companies in the industry.

Partnering together on these Décor projects brings about new streams of revenue for all of us! Please contact Rick Bokland today to discuss the possibilities of taking part in this new and exciting program.

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